Keiko Mukaide: There’s something expectatious


There’s something expectatious about writing your first blog entry, now I know that’s not an actual word but I’m finding it hard to find a better word which relates just as perfectly as my own new creation. I believe it to be an experience which goes hand in hand with that feeling you get when you start a new notebook, that moment where you make sure that your handwriting is extra neat because its the first and definitely the most important page of the whole book. Today also marked the beginning of my artist talks at university the first neat page in my notebook.

Keiko Mukaide is a site specific artist originating from Japan, travelling to the UK for education she progressed from student to teacher and even taught today’s second speaker Inge Panneels to whom is my honourable mention after her own thought provoking talk on #Making.

Mukaide made an important point during her talk, ‘being from a different country makes you feel like your different,’ she openly humours on how she sees herself as ‘half Scottish’ however at the beginning she felt like she should act upon her difference because that difference was her strength against everyone else, a strength she encourages in other artists however, After settling roots in a new country the events of 2010 in Japan made her reconnect to her own, the devastating earthquakes that effected the country hit her hard even from her home in Scotland.

“Threads across the sea” was a breath taking yet eerily still installation piece set out in and around the ‘Scottish Fisheries Museum’ in 2012. Consisting of 2000 origami cranes sent from Japan and 1500 origami boats sourced from Scottish Communities the piece celebrated her ties between the two countries. With the museums pieces below the origami creations where suspended within the rafters above in a eerily still manner. Birds and boats are objects that I link with movement, both the birds wings in flight and the boats gentle rocking to the waves remind me of peaceful life, yet within Mukaide creation here they sit still and tense, pulling on your heart strings.

The first of my artist talks have definitely fulfilled my expectatious feelings. Funny and heart felt are just two of the ways I can described the talks given by both Inge Panneels and Keiko Mukaide. They were captivating and extremely thought provoking leaving me looking forward to my next weeks talks, lets hope they are as fascinating as this week.