Small World 

As a student I find it’s easy to forget that the people we call tutors are actually artists themselves.
I find that dispite having them teach you and remind you in small ways that they themselves really do know what their talking about it doesn’t really sink in that these people we see every day are figures that another student from another university would only hope to meet one day in the future, for example.

Inge Panneels my honourable mention from my last entry, Is a well known glass artist having worked in both the public eye and the private sector. She also just happens to be my kiln glass teacher and head of my second academic year at university.

Small world.

Inge Panneels had a true artistic mind In my opinion, she can see the potential in the simplest of  matters and then progresses and  evolves that subject into a series of world which can expand over years. “Creation” Is one of my favourite worlds by Inge. It explores universal creation mythology, a very large subject matter which she has managed to breakdown into the smallest and I believe to be the most beautiful of pieces.

The world ring if you will, Is my own personal favourite from the “Creation” series. The way it catches the light and gives it a mysterious glow brings the lives inner meaning to life, showing the mystery behind the piece. The piece itself is not loud in its form, it is simplistic yet still manages  to couple Its meaning and beauty together in one object, much like she does in all her works.

During my time at University Inge has taught me many things from techniques such as mould making  and pate de verre, to the importance of having a good studio   practice when it comes to tools and materials. I’m beginning to understand that we learn more then just the literally things people teach us, I guess it really is a small world after all.





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