Jennifer Halvorson: Frozen in time

As already mentioned in my pervious entry, it’s easy to forget how privileged you really are as a student studying art, your supported not only by your tutors but also by the visiting artists such as Jennifer Halvorson for example.

Jennifer Halvorson is an extraordinary teacher with a  diverse knowledge spreading across the different fields of arts. Steel metal working, hot glass and sculpture work are just some of the areas she has experience within, however her true home for her work is within kiln glass.

Despite my love for glass, kiln glass isn’t a medium I’ve found favourable at present, however with that said I found Jennifer’s workshop on press moulds to be enjoyable and entertaining but above all I found it informative. I believe it’s defiantly a technique I can see myself testing further in the future.


Currently Jennifer’s work is focused on an idea of mending, pacifically using the mending of cloths as a metaphor for the mending of oneself. My personal favourite from the ‘Mending’ series is ‘Pinched Gathering’.

‘Pinched Gathering’ is a mix of kiln casted glass and found objects, the piece I find has a simplistic appearance, the subtle use of colour within the casted glass coupled with the translucent property gives the form a light appearance, tying in well with the delicate tiptoe forms seemingly held up by the wooden pegs. The piece reminds me of childhood innocence, a small child dressed in worn hand-me-down cloths dancing on it’s tiptoes across the wood floor. It holds a peaceful air, almost as if it’s a moment frozen in time.

Find out more:!prettyPhoto


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