Neil McNally: The best me there will ever be.

During my time as a student I’ve comes across many different stereotypes that people have towards art students. All they talk about is art, they have tattoos, and they dress funny.

Well I can’t really disagree with the first comment, we talk about art allot but really we study the subject so what else would we be talking about? also yes some of my class mates have tattoos but so do my friends that study science and business so really I think we are more proud to show them off. Last yes ok we may dress different but really it’s just more practical for us, we get messy allot you’d wear your grandmas knitted jumper too because that thing is indestructible.

I’m an artist which means I’m creative, inventive and imaginative but if I needed to describe myself in one word then let’s say I’m original.

I am the best me there will ever be.

This mind-set of self certainty is my theme for this entry, Inspired by artist Neil McNally who before today I had no experience towards. His artist methods are questionable, however his works are thought-provoking and to many aggravating but overall Neil sees to ‘annoy people’ with his artwork, whether that be from the depicted media in the painting or photograph or from his method of signing his work on the front on the canvas in view of everyone, something that is considered every unprofessional.


Personally at first I found his work slightly strange, he does paint suede’s and has a deep interest in the subject after all. I myself by the end of his talk had a higher view of the vegetable, something I didn’t realise was possible. Within his work as seen above, he uses a very diverse colour pallet, the sudden introduction of pink to the left and the boldness of his use of white gives an example of how his use of colour can often leave the subject matter obscured at times however, he always has a level of self certainty that is inspiring to witness.

From his talk I feel I’ve gained a new level of understanding towards artists such as McNally, he showed that it doesn’t matter what people think about you or your work it’s what you think about yourself that’s important, if you feel you could have done better than you’re the only one that needs to tell yourself that fact.

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