Miriam Hancill: Engulfed in colour

Miriam Hacills work can be described in one work, calming. Her use of both paint and mono printing techniques is in my opinion, a surprisingly mixture that is very pleasing to the eye.

Hancill can be seen as reasonably new in the art world. Compared to the other artists in our talks Hancill is the least experienced but none the less she is confident within her work.

Hancill specialises in a combination of paint and printing and uses a layering method where in which she prints on paper and then uses paint in order to complete the art work. She first began experimenting with this process when she believed she could do more within her style of painting. In truth printing has opened up an array of new fields where in which Hancill has managed to expand her painting abilities. Presently Hancill uses a printing technique called mono-printing, this simply means that she uses a single print rather than numerous ounces.

When viewing a piece your engulfed by its sheer size, it radiates a calming air wrapping you in its neutral appearance and soothing your mind.


Personally I love the use of colour, she has an ability to harmonises a verity of colours together and catch the light in the room. Her layering technique adds a depth within her work. Were the different layers interact with each other you can see the colours sinking and mixing together creating new shades.

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