Mark Angus: In the moment

“the eyebrows are the most important feature”

If your anything like me, Mark Angus is a name you’ve heard before, have an idea towards his importance but sadly you have no idea where you’ve heard the name from.

For myself my eureka moment came from the mentioning of ‘Daily Bread’ a very controversial stained glass window installed in Durham Cathedral 1984. The work today is still seen as controversial but its more widely excepted thanks to the changing views in modern culture towards art. Personally I love ‘Daily Bread’, it depicts an abstract view of the last supper, the selected coloured glass alongside the sunlight makes the window almost sing. Its simply beautiful and I truly need no other words to describe its beauty it’s just a sight to behold.

‘Daily Bread’ Durham Cathedral


Here’s something I’ve learnt from his talk. Mark Angus is amazing, never before have I seen such enthusiasm and passion in someone’s work. Each of his artworks contain a beauty whether it be in its use of colour, it’s form or simply its overall charm that it radiates.

Angus’s work is normally the type of art I find fault and have an issue in viewing however from meeting the man and actually hearing him talking about his work I for one can actually see his own character and charm within the pieces. In generally he is an all round funny and nice guy, he creates art for the love of creating art. He draws, sketches and takes part in as much life drawing classes as he can.

He has a unique practice for making a sketch, covering each page in his sketchbook with colour before later coming back and completing the pages. A process I admit I will be trying in the future, after all it seems like an amazing way to make quick sketch that either relate to the colour, the pattern or contradict it completely.

He says he can easily make 365 drawings in a year but he doesn’t sketch everyday, he has to be in the moment in order to be inspired to create, something I can completely relate to.

Now I know this entry might seem as if I haven’t really talked much about Mark Angus but really he’s an artist you have to experience for yourself, and if your anything like me you will fall completely head over heels in love with his work, even with its let’s say unique take on the world.

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