Helen Pailing: The playful approach

Helen Pailing is a sculptural artist working with found objects as her base material. She has a playful approach towards the creations of her work believing it’s more a collaboration between herself and the material rather than it being a one sided conversation from herself to the material.   
The above piece is my favourite example of her playful approach, constructed out of wire loop end ties, this untitled piece has a playful yet edgy appearance and could easy be used in a fashion show as a query accessory.

Many of Pailing’s work are created in the moment, which she says both restricts and pushes her, this can be witnessed from the series she did during her artist in residence in 2014. ‘Object a day’ was a series of 365 different objects which as the name says come about from the constructed of an object one per day, the goal of this was to push herself and her making skills so that even when she wasn’t in the making mood she still had to do something.

 ‘Warp’ however is my hands down favourite piece by Pailing, constructed inside an abandoned fishing house the building was wrapped in fishing line. From the way it catches and manipulated the light within the old building to the way it eerily hangs in still time gives off a ghost like memory. A simple but affective way to remember the past.


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