Kevin Petrie: Learning something new

Another artist with a passion for drawing is Kevin Petrie.Professor and Doctor Kevin Petrie is also our every own Course leader here at Sunderland University, it comes to show how simple hard work and determination can come along way in turning you from a budding young student into the thriving artist we all hope to be.

During his artist journey, Petrie has experienced a verity of fields such as glass and ceramics, even becoming a published author along the way. Throughout all this however it has always been drawing that has continued to spark his interest.

Within his talk Petrie guided us through his methods of working, one method in particular sparked my own interest as it has links to my own project I am currently working on at the moment. ‘Mould Drawing‘ for lack of better titles.

“St Peter’s Church”

A kiln glass method of his own invention in which a plain mould is created and left to dry, once dried a drawing can be carved into the service of the mould creating an indentation. The carved drawing acts as a negative where in which powdered glass is added in large amounts, black into the carved lines to add to the appearance of a sketch and clear glass to give strength. Coloured powders can also be added to add to the image. Once fired the mould is carefully removed leaving behind the positive image.


Simple yes? NO!

The process is one which I have been toying with for a while, trying to figure out a way in which you can get the appearance of a sketch into the glass itself. It’s almost aggravating how the answer was so simple and literally right in front of me at times in the form of Kevin Petrie himself. It’s easy to say that his talk was very VERY! Informative and will defiantly not be something I will forget in a hurry. After all how else would I learn.

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